The Two Maggots Pt5

“Magic!” roared the No 1 Humbug Man.
“Magic!” he roared again, making everyone wake up
In the bright morning sunshine.
“You have worked it out!” said the No I Humbug Lady.
“And all without a Frothy. How clever!”
And all 47 children cheered.

“We will make a great din,” the No 1 Humbug man told them.
We will make so much noise the East Wind will be very angry.
He will blow so hard the maggots will be blown
All the way to Ingerland.”

So, while the No I Humbug Man tied the maggots together with string
So they would not be separated,
The children fetched their musical instruments,
And the No 1 Humbug Lady rummaged in her handbag for her earplugs
Because she hated loud noises.

Then the children blew on their didgeridoos,
The great grandchildren twanged on their twangies,
And the grandchildren bashed happily on their drums
While the No 1 Humbug Man shouted “Mucho Fortissimo!”
And the No 1 Humbug Lady put her hands over her ears.
Because she’d forgotten where she had left her ear plugs.

Well, the East Wind went mad.
He blew so hard all the musicians were knocked over.
The clothes line stretched,
And both pegs snapped.

Away whirled One and Another,
Their little bright eyes blinking rapidly
As they were whisked over
The Pacific Ocean,
The U S of A,
The Atlantic,
The Isle of Man,
Morecambe and Wise,
And Oswaldtwistle.

 All the time they were getting smaller,
Shrinking to their normal size.
Until they landed with a little bump
Right outside their Easter Egg house.

To celebrate their home coming
They just had to play the Insect Game
Which made them very hungry
So they just had to go to the Snackeroo Shop
And buy crisps and jammy dodgers.

But they had no pocket money
So Another took a hammer and smashed a piggy bank.
One picked up the coins
And they set off down the hill.

It was the last Thursday in an every other month,
And JGGJ was rushing down the hill.
He didn’t see them.
He ran over them.
He squashed them flat.
Very flat.

“Oh dear. Oh dear.” Said Mrs Grumpy. “What will I do now?”
“Send them to Australia,” shouted Mr Grumpy.
And their big adventure started
Again, again, and again.