The Two Maggots Pt 2


Then a jelly
Came to live
On the very top of the hill
In a red and yellow pavilion
With many blue flags.

He was very big
So he was called the Giant Jelly.
He was also green
So he was called the Giant Green Jelly.

Because he was miserable
And never told any jokes
His few friends would say –
“Oh! What a jolly fellow you are!”
So he became known as the Jolly Giant Green Jelly
Or, because it was easier to say – JGGJ

On the last Thursday of every other month
JGGJ would get out his skateboard
And visit his nearest and only friend,
Called the Wild Haired Witch in the Woods
Or, because it was easier to say – WHWW

JGGJ would get on his skateboard
Whizz down the hill
Passing between Mr. and Mrs. Grumpy’s house
And the maggots’ Easter Egg.

Faster and faster he would go
Until he hurtled on to the hump backed bridge
And was launched in to Space
Flying high above the trees
Until he reached WHWW’S house.

“Geronimo!” he would shout
For he had to shout something when he was up in the sky.
Then he would come down with a great splosh –
Because he was a jelly.
And sit in WHWW’S garden
Eating marmite and banana sandwiches
While WHWW talked and talked and talked.
Then he would pick up his skateboard
And walk all the way home
Because you cannot skateboard
Up a very steep hill.

On one last Thursday in an every other month
The two maggots played the Insect Game.
And became so hungry
They had to go to the Snackeroo Shop
And buy crisps and jammy dodgers.

They had no pocket money
So Another took a hammer and smashed a piggy bank
One picked up the coins
And threw the broken piggy bank out of the window.
Mr. Grumpy heard the crash as it landed in the garden
“Send them to Australia” he shouted.

The two maggots were already on the road
About to go down to the Snackeroo Shop
JGGJ, whizzing down the road,
Didn’t even see them.

He did run right over the two maggots
And squashed them so flat
They could only blink
Their bright little eyes.

“Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear!” said Mrs. Grumpy.
“What can I do with you now?”
“Send them to Australia,” shouted Mr. Grumpy.