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Lieutenant Retz, resting on Burka after a fall on a space raft – or was he pushed – is ordered to assist the local police in their investigation of the theft of a consignment of space dollars taken from the bonded zone.
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A military prototype of an autofreighter goes missing on a trial run across Sib. When its wreckage is discovered Retz is sent to investigate the disappearance of secret data box – computer – which has been removed by a Californian. At the same time Sergeant Brun has arrived on  Stranna to replace a dying Interrogator. Both come across similar works of destruction. Serpent has agents doing his bidding on more than one planet.
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Suffering from DST, a mysterious ailment which afflicts space travellers, Sergeant Brun is grounded on Gordis where he is recruited by the governor to investigate a murder, and finds himself investigating the death of teen-aged girl, who died after smoking a lethal variant of curl, a banned substance.
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A Hissing of Little Serpents
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